Our Brands

Wynn's Car-Care

Wynn's automotive products have a long history as being some of the highest quality available on the market. Wynn's began producing car care products over 70 years ago and have expanded their product range since then. At Barry Gardner Automotive we use Wynn's products in our repairs because of their quality and consistency.

Lucas Oil

Lucas are producers of high quality oils, lubricants and greases for a variety of applications. With over 25 years supplying the world with first class car products, our mechanics trust Lucas in repairs. We only use the best quality products in your repairs to maximise reliability. Lucas Oils also provide our customers with fantastic value for money when having their vehicle repaired.

Bendix Brakes

Bendix are one of the most reputable brake component manufacturers in the industry. Bendix have set the benchmark for quality braking components and have a wide range of brake parts. Bendix also produce different pad compounds for economy or performance depending on the application. We never compromise on quality, this is why our mechanics choose Bendix.

Western Oil

Western Oil are a proud Australian owned and operated company with a long history, dating back to 1989. Western Oil manufacture high quality oils and lubricants for automotive industry and many other industries. We are proud to support Australian companies at Barry Gardner Automotive.

Bond Batteries

Bond Batteries produce a huge range of high quality batteries to suit all makes and models. We can supply and fit Bond Batteries for our customers, providing them with a cost-effective, reliable solution. Speak with one of our friendly team to arrange a quote on a Bond Battery.

Pedders Suspension

Pedders are another Australian company producing top quality automotive suspension products. Pedders was established in Melbourne over 65 years ago and continue to manufacture industry leading suspension products for all makes and models. Pedders produce reliable suspension products that last.

Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis are one of the top 10 largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Maxxis produce top quality tyres for a huge range of models and applications. If you're in need of new tyres, we can supply and fit Maxxis tyres for you.

Monroe Suspension

Monroe are another trusted part supplier for our team at Barry Gardner Automotive. Monroe have been producing suspension components for many years and always produce reliable parts at competitive prices trusted by our experienced mechanics.